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MLOps is the next paradigm of services in an industry where ML is an indispensable technology. The most successful operationalisation of ML ensures that models are easily and reliably packaged, deployed, and monitored. Our deep experience with AI development and the software lifecycle allow us to deliver optimised, high-availability MLOps pipelines that perform well during training, hyper-parameter tuning, and in production. 

DevOps Services

We create a DevOps process based on agile practices to bridge the development cycle of your software project with deployment, monitoring, and operations. Our world-class standards for uptime, scalability, and performance make long-term maintenance a breeze.

AI/ML Development

We have expertise with various open source libraries like OpenCV, Yolo, or OpenPose for image processing, Transformers for NLP, torchaudio, and librosa for audio processing. We also have experience with cloud services from the ML ecosystem, like Azure Cognitive Search, Google Vision, Amazon SageMaker.

We develop both Cloud and On-Premise solutions based on what’s most useful for you. 


Our Story and Expertise

We make the impossible possible through technology and make your digital transformation meaningful and valuable

Mission Automate is your artificial intelligence team. We help SMB companies become more profitable through custom software. We work closely with you at every phase of the development process to ensure that our solutions map closely to your needs. Our solutions are easy to use, affordable and designed by a team of subject matter experts.​

Our expertise includes:

  • Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Natural Language Processing with Tensorflow, PyTorch, Amazon SageMaker

  • Full-stack development using JavaScript, Python, Ruby

  • Kubernetes | AWS, GCP, Heroku and other Cloud Hosting Platforms

As part of the Amazon Partner Network, we are happy to build solutions and services for small and medium businesses by leveraging Amazon Web Services. 

Amazon featured us on their Amazon Sagemaker page! You can check more information here.

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If you are ready for the upgrade, contact us 

We are focusing on providing high-quality results, within your timeframe, using agile methodologies.


Your satisfaction is quintessential for us – providing value and helping you and your company achieve your metrics is the most important part of what we do. 

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DIAGNOSIS AND OPTIMIZATION Digital Services - Custom men’s clothing

We helped our client diagnose their distributed SageMaker training job and identify where their configuration needed adjustment in order to parallelize the data loading.

Technologies: AWS Sagemaker, FSX, PyTorch

DIAGNOSIS AND OPTIMIZATION | Digital Services - Biotech

We provided our client support on configuring a Kubernetes cluster to allow RStudio to launch jobs using Kubernetes pods, thus enabling horizontal scaling for their statistical computing team.

Technologies: AWS, Kubernetes, EKS, RStudio, NFS




Curtis Boyd

"A wonderful 2-year journey. An incredibly talented team of developers who you can trust. Mission Automate helped me go from ideation and concept to successful product launch. Very agile team that sets realistic expectations. Great attention to detail and consistency in showing up even during the hardest times."

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AWS Lambda, Founder
Industry - Digital Services - Entertainment

Awesome! Mission Automate came in with extensive knowledge of AWS services which helped us quickly zero in on the issue. Job done fast and well. Would highly recommend it!

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Web Application Project,

Industry - Retail

We will be continuing to do business with Mission Automate as our manufacturing operations run smoothly for labelling our American made products and have been for years because of them. Always quick to respond, happy to help and priced fairly.

Our Team

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Alexa Skills Development, Founder
Industry - Food service

Great choice in selecting Mission Automate for a highly interesting and complicated task. Looking forward to working with them more.

Alex Panait
CEO & Principal Architect

Alex has a master in Artificial Intelligence and 20+ years of expertise in most popular programming languages. He has been working in professional environments ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups.  

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Alex Panait.jpg
Silvana Gagu
Business Partner & PM

Silvana has previous experience as a business analyst and project manager. She has an innate talent for helping teams stay organized and efficient in complex projects with rapidly changing priorities.

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Silvana Gagu.jpg
Bogdan Podaru
 Software Engineer

Hard working, passionate and innovationist Bogdan gives mathematical interpretations to everything. He has experience mainly in AI (Tensorflow, Python, C/C++), Web technolgies (Java, Spring, Angular) and Cloud (AWS, Heroku). He is eager for research topics relating machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning. He continues to improve his knowledge in AI by studying Applied Computational Intelligence master's program.

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David Copoeru
Software Engineer

Coding started as a passion for David back in high school and is now what he enjoys doing the most. He followed his passion to study computer science in the Netherlands. David has a soft spot for backend development and his experience ranges from Assembly to Python and Java. David likes taking on new technologies: in recent projects, he has focused on Alexa Skills and Machine Learning frameworks.

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Alex Ghinescu
Software Engineer

Alex has always had a calling for problem-solving and artificial intelligence through the language of computers. Especially passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, he was always hungry for more information on these subjects, meanwhile, also developing in areas of computer science such as software engineering. He is now proficient in programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, as well as Machine Learning frameworks such as PyTorch, Tensorflow, and Scikit-learn. 

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Alexandru Ghinescu_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Robert Stanca
Software Engineer

Robert is a dynamic and creative software developer with experience in  Artificial Intelligence and Web Applications. He is interested in Machine Learning and Deep Learning research topics and has various programming languages C++, Java, Python , modern frameworks and libraries: PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras, Numpy, Scikit-learn, OpenCV.

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Darie Sergiu.png
Sergiu Darie
Software Engineer

Since young, Sergiu liked to play with computers and find out what makes them tick. Thus, being eager to learn, began his passion for coding and problem-solving. Throughout the years, he gathered experience in programming languages such as Python, C# and Java, while also learning to use platforms like GCP, AWS and Heroku. Besides the usual skill set of a software developer, Sergiu is experienced in using programs such as Photoshop, Blender, Unity, and Android Studio, in order to utilize and expand his creativity.

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Anjelica Difenbah
Business Developer Officer

Anjelica sources new projects for Mission Automate, manages diverse administrative & HR tasks, organises team buildings, and supports the website & internal tools design.  She is currently doing her Master's in Multimodal Communication in Amsterdam.

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Mara Olteanu
Project Manager

Mara's background is in project management and customer experience. In addition to her innate leadership skills, over the years, she has gathered a set of organizational and interpersonal skills that are essential in managing operations in the ever-changing world of software development. 

Mara is the person at Mission Automate that will make sure the team is aligned with the client’s vision and working towards delivering projects to the highest standard.