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Our First Teambuilding—In Person!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Mission Automate is active in the digital business space since 2017. For years, we have worked, met, and did activities together remotely. In 2022 we decided to switch things up and for the first time met in person, coming from different parts of the world. Coming together was fascinating and helped us grow as a company. We want to share what we learned from this experience.

What we do makes a difference

With an access to a couple of screens in our home office, our colleagues' talking heads, and Slack calls, it is an interesting transition to work side by side with your team. Mission Automate is now a living and breathing organization, providing services to our clients. Seeing our company in its physical form is a great reminder of what we do at Mission Automate and for whom: We are making a tangible difference in the lives of many people, from our collaborators to our customers.

It has been incredibly motivating to be surrounded by like-minded people who work towards a common goal. We have witnessed how our values of Standards, Professionalism and Excellence are realized daily by seeing how each of us approaches work.

Understanding is innovation

Spending a couple of days together allowed for getting to know each other on a deeper level. We got a better feel of the personalities of our colleagues. Meeting live helped us get in touch with the human aspect better and become even more aware that our work colleagues are first of all people. Nurturing the human in each team member can be rewarding for the person as well as the company's overall success.

After meeting our team face to face and gaining an understanding about each member, we can now more accurately interpret what our colleagues say or do in our digital "office".

This teambuilding reinforced our values of Communication and Transparency, leading to a greater feeling of safety in the team. Only when we feel safe can we comfortably share our boldest ideas and innovate without fears of being judged.

Stronger bonds lead to better service

At Mission Automate, we believe that a strong team culture is equal to a strong team. This teambuilding helped us evolve from simply colleagues to friends.

Great company culture is built in an environment where people are engaged. One of the ways in which we engaged our team in this teambuilding was by playing together. We chose all sorts of actives that we could not do in the digital realm. By participating in these activities we positively contributed the development of trust between team members as well as mutual respect— qualities so valuable to achieve success.

There are many positive effects that teambuilding has on the company's success, starting from simply a pleasant work environment.

What's next

Mission Automate learned first hand how connections between colleagues positively impact the overall success of the company.

We are looking forward to our next teambuilding in person. Stay tuned!



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