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Newsletter Mission Automate - Autumn Collection

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

As always, we're excited to share the latest tech news with you. ‌

Is there any software project that we can support you with?

Here are some highlights from our company:

  • Just launched the 2nd version of our website's chatbot with additional topics and enhanced responses. ⇨ This makes it easier for clients to explore our expertise and get in touch with us. You can test our chatbot out right now by clicking the bottom-right button.

  • Developed a custom AI model for text generation in marketing emails. ⇨ The technologies we employed have proven to increase the efficiency of our client's marketing campaigns.

  • Implemented a product that leverages AI technology to assist a client in generating text and images on specific topics. ⇨ This enabled our client to create and publish new website content within minutes.

  • Currently working on a custom product for avatar and speech generation. We’re thrilled to work with cutting-edge solutions in the AI space to quickly generate advanced content like videos with speech.

Check out the latest interesting AI updates & tools we found useful:

  1. Nvidia started to use AI to create design hardware Nvidia's ChipNeMo LLM Will Help Design Chips

  2. ChatGPT prompts for your business 215+ ChatGPT Prompts You Can’t Miss To Try Out In 2023

  3. This virtual agent offers real-time and specialized insights HelloScribe: More than Chat. AI that Works for You


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