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Newsletter Mission Automate - Spring Collection

As usual, we're thrilled to bring you the most recent updates in technology.

Here are some highlights from our company:

  • Created and trained an AI model that predicts asset prices on the crypto market.

    • Tech stack: TensorFlow, Python

    • Benefit for client: Users have better visibility of the market prices, leading to increased revenue for the client.

  • Built a tool that offers recommendations for movies, TV shows, music, and podcasts.

    • Tech stack: ChatGPT, Python, JavaScript

    • Benefit for client: Client was able to launch his own custom recommendation product.

  • Established a process to use prompts and personalized multimedia for client’s website.

    • Tech stack: Midjourney

    • Benefit for client: Client received an updated process to enable their brand and messaging to better reach the target client.

  • Consulted clients on various Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning tools and algorithms:

    • Assisted a team to improve their algorithm with more accurate and faster key point matching between images.

    • Helped a client use AWS SageMaker for sales forecasting.

    • Worked with a client to create an estimate and budget for a multiyear development of a complex platform for AI.

    • Advised a client on the overall strategy for starting their own software development consulting firm.

Check out the latest interesting AI updates & tools we found useful:

  1. Read AI thoroughly and accurately summarizes and extracts key points and action steps from important meetings, where you’d rather be paying attention instead of taking notes. We tried several similar tools but Read AI is our choice. Read AI

  2. GitHub Copilot helps you write code at least twice as fast and with fewer errors. GitHub Copilot

  3. Google Gemini enabled us to go through a variety of tasks, including basic research, running scientific experiments, and writing stories for a hard sci-fi setting. It still needs work but it can be an amazing and useful conversation companion. Gemini

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